Ad Principles

Concert's mission is to make a better digital advertising experience across the open web. We believe that actionable advertising can be beautiful and unintrusive. We look to create a rewarding experience for our audiences and your brand.

Concert Believes

Ad experience matters.

Our ads will never cover, stick on top of, or disable editorial content. We will never run interstitials or pop-up's that interrupt and disturb your content experience. We believe advertising should complement the editorial you are reading.

Better ads drive outcomes.

We provide insights into what is working in your ad. We provide visibility into multiple performance measurements providing a full campaign picture.

Accessibility and inclusion matters.

We encourage our advertisers to include close captioning for their videos and alternate text for images to help make them accessible to a wider audience. We strive to work with partners on best practices for inclusive ads.

Context is more important than profiling.

We steer away from 3rd party segments that are based on assumptions and guesses about our users gender identity, race/ethnicity, income, sexuality or other different social and cultural identities and experiences. We want to put the right ad in front of the right user at the right time: in contextually relevant areas for potential customers to buy your product, all while reducing the bias.

Good design drives outcomes.

We use our advertising tools and tech to analyze our design choices. We know what our users like to see and how they will engage with your ad. We are dreaming up first-to-market opportunities, iterating on what works, and pushing ourselves to get the future of advertising right.

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