The Concert Studio is where our team of product designers and engineers collaborate on the mission to make digital advertising better. We are passionate product thinkers who believe that beautiful advertising creates a better experience for marketers and audiences alike.

The Concert Studio Believes

Innovation starts with benefits to the user

Our ads will never cover or disable editorial content. Unlike competing marketplaces that implement disruptive ads that stick to a page, interstitials that interrupt content, or pop-up banners, we believe advertising should complement the content, not hold it hostage.

Effectiveness is about business outcomes over media metrics

Concert is a marketplace that drives outcomes for clients. While others focus on shallow, click-based metrics, we provide visibility into multiple performance measurements, so clients get the full picture.

Accessibility and inclusion matters

Too often, a company commits to upholding accessibility guidelines and forgets the ads. We work hard to ensure these principles extend to the complete user experience. We include closed captions on our video advertising, we strive for a wide range of representation in images and we write the alt text.

Context is more important than profiling

We believe that aligning advertising in contextually relevant environments will yield better results than invading your privacy. The industry’s focus has been on targeting, profiling and tracking for too long. As users take back control with an expanding range of privacy tools, we believe Concert will be the best way to reach a premium audience in a brand-safe environment.

Good design drives outcomes

While others were purchasing expensive and invasive user data, we were building tools to better test and analyze our design choices. We know that automotive advertising generates more clicks when it’s red and that users will spend more time engaging with an ad that has three panels instead of two. We are constantly dreaming up new ideas, testing and iterating and pushing ourselves to think beyond the traditional bounds of advertising design.